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It's true, Winter can present some challenges for those of us who want to keep riding and enjoying our time on the bike all year round. Let Bicyclinghub.com outfit you with the best there is, from brand leaders such as Castelli , Pearl Izumi and Showers Pass. As well as rain gear, jackets, jerseys and tights, don't forget those all important accessories that make such a difference. Bicyclinghub.com's selection of Winter clothing aims to help you stay warm, stay dry, keep riding and keep smiling! You can do it!

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Beat the chill this winter with winter cycling gear from all your favorite brands. Cycling in winter is tough. Thereís so much to deal with Ė negative temperatures, freezing rain, snow, sleet and relentless wind. There are also the health concerns that come along with this season including frostbite and hypothermia. BicyclingHub.com knows that you need to train through these rough conditions, and wants you to be prepared, which is why weíre offering some of the best protective clothing that will keep you pedaling through all four seasons. Brands like Castelli, Pearl Izumi, Showers Pass, and so many more will help you fight old man winter while keeping you looking stylish. Athletes know that layering is absolutely key to keeping your body healthy. Start out with base layers and move up from there. We carry a wide selection of jackets, vests, jerseys, knickers, tights and pants. And donít forget accessories! Protect your extremities with gloves, shoe covers, and leg and knee warmers. Stock up on winter cycling gear at affordable prices and take the chill off.


Keep riding throughout the fall and winter months

When the fall season arrives, the weather can swing between frigid mornings and balmy afternoons. By having the right cycling apparel, you can stay comfortable as the mercury dropsÖ or rises. Here are some tips for updating your cycling gear for fall:

Layer up. The last thing you slip on before you head out for a ride should be the first thing you want to take off when the temperature rises.

Diversify your cycling apparel. Essentials to keep in your cycling wardrobe include a short-sleeved jersey, sweat-wicking technical clothes, a thermal undershirt, a thermal skull cap, a cycling vest paired with arm warmers, gloves, covers for your cycling shoes and ĺ-length cycling pants or tights. Keep in mind that if the temperature outside is 50 degrees or less, youíll want to cover your knees. If the cycling pants arenít padded, which is common, wear them over cycling shorts that are.

Go for breathable clothing. While you want to stay warm and toasty, you donít want your cycling gear to trap moisture when you sweat. Trapped sweat can cause you to overheat, chafe or, if youíre in below-freezing temperatures, develop hypothermia. There are different types of sweat-wicking materials on the market, so you might need to experiment to find the ideal combination for the varying fall weather conditions.

Donít neglect your feet, hands and head. Helmets alone arenít generally warm enough when the temperatures fall. The thermal skull caps created for cyclists are thin enough to comfortably fit under a helmet or in a back pocket. Protect your hands with gloves made of wool or a sweat-wicking material. If itís rainy outside, or if the wind is particularly fierce, wear waterproof gloves over the thinner pair. The same idea applies to your feet: Use comfortable wool socks, and add a bootie over your cycling shoes when it rains or gets cold.

Donít cut your rides short this fall because you arenít prepared for the weather. With the right combination of cycling apparel, youíll enjoy long rides regardless of the conditions.

by Douglas Duguay, owner Bicyclinghub.com