Castelli Kiss3 Chamois Seatpad

Castelli's century-worthy and race-proven KISS 3 Chamois

'Castelli's Kiss pad is among our favourites - it's stretchy and has numerous ventilation channels, while the variable thickness keeps the bulk down and comfort high.'
Mat Brett

The aim of the Castelli Kiss3 seatpad is to bring you similar features and comfort to their top-of-the-line Progetto X2 Air, but at a lower, more affordable price point. Like us here at Bicyclinghub, maybe you ride pretty regularly, commuting every day, training, racing, or preparing for those century rides. If so, then it is likely you should possess several pairs of biking shorts. You absolutely should have some 'Sunday best' shorts for the right occasion - a race or big event, your long-ride day, or that Bicycle Tour vacation you have been planning where you are in the saddle all day. However, it may not be feasible for us all to fill our bibshort drawer with the top-of-the-line, and that is where those more affordable options fit in, helping us all to keep those wheels a turnin'. Of course you are still going to need them to perform for you, after all they are a crucial component in your everyday, go-to, riding wear.

A lot of manufacturers will offer a wide range, with a whole host of different seatpad options and price tags. You will find mostly that, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The cheapest options with the low-grade seatpads may well serve as 'a toe in the water' for those who have not yet used a cycling-specific pair of shorts, but before long you will undoubtedly find an upgrade absolutely necessary. That is of course, if this kind of experience does not put you off cycling shorts altogether !
With Castelli - you are sure to avoid this scenario - they only use two types of chamois in their entire range of shorts and bibshorts, and both of these seatpads are the result of years of ongoing testing and refinement. These two seatpads - the Kiss3 and the Progetto X2 Air come in both men's and women's specific versions. Whichever Castelli short you ride in, whether the base model or top-of-the-line, you will have the best possible experience, and miles of in-the-saddle comfort that you can depend upon.

All of us here at ride in both the Kiss3 seatpad and the Progetto X2, and are nothing but impressed with both options. Our own humble opinion is further backed up by the weight of similar positive feedback from many customers, and from ProTour testers, who have collectively clocked hundreds of thousands of miles aboard the Kiss3 seatpad.
Both Castelli Kiss3 and Progetto X2 Air Seatpads also come in women's specific versions.

Check out the skinny on the Castelli Kiss3 Chamois:

Seamless Skin Care Layer.
The top layer, and interface with the skin's surface, is a super-soft brushed Microfiber that is seamlessly engineered to eliminate any chafing or abrasion. This seatpad covering has the flexibility to move with you as you ride, thereby maximizing the comfort and fit. The Microfiber surface also features a bacteriostatic treatment that will safeguard against saddle sores and infection. Usage of the Castelli Kiss3 seatpad does not require a chamois creme or preparation, but of course if you prefer to use these then you my continue to do so.

Continuously Variable Thickness.
Dual density and infinitely variable thickness provide just the right amount of cushioning for each and every part of the pad. Maximum thickness and density provide cushioning in the ischial zone. This tapers to a moderate thickness in the area of the perineum, and minimum thickness at the perimeter of the seatpad. This tapering means that there is a smooth transition between those areas of greater or lesser padding, and no perceptible ridges that may compromise comfort.

Anatomical Shape.
The KISS3 seatpad features an anatomic shape, designed to conform to your body throughout each stroke of the pedal, ultimately increasing your riding comfort.

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